In its rationale for moving forward with a possible strike, SNPVAC recalled the sector's recovery in recent years, after the pandemic, recalling that in Portugal, easyJet crew "always had a serious attitude of understanding for the company's operational needs over the years", having voted "unanimously when the company asked for aid, accepting to freeze their working conditions for three years".

However, indicated the SNPVAC, "during the pandemic, easyJet decided to support with 'top ups' much higher than those of Portugal to some countries such as Germany and UK [United Kingdom], which in turn already had much greater support from the State" .

The union also pointed out that, "when the operation resumed, easyJet decided to help" the "Spanish colleagues with a minimum guarantee, when the crew in Portugal went through financial difficulties" and that "the Portuguese bases and routes are among the most profitable on the network".

“Due to the economic climate, easyJet workers have lost purchasing power over the last three years", they stressed, noting that "the increase in the cost of living suffocates workers and jeopardises the well-being and comfort of their families ".

"In the last two years, the cabin crew had to deal with experiences that no one had foreseen, finding themselves on the front line even in critical periods", said the SNPVAC, guaranteeing that "in other countries and bases where the company does not present the same level of profitability presented in Portugal, colleagues obtained significant increases" and that "in these countries agreements were negotiated during the summer, in order to protect the stability of workers' hours".


In the statement, the SNPVAC defended that easyJet's cabin crew "cannot continue to allow the company to adopt a posture of indifference, regarding the problems of the class that have long been identified", guaranteeing "a climate of tension and displeasure for the long stalemate in the resolution of the various labour disputes".

For the union, "the impasse reached in the ongoing AE/CLA negotiations is not tolerable, which could be prolonged indefinitely in time", assuring that professionals in Portugal "want to see their loyalty and productivity recognised in the company".

Contacted by Lusa, an official source for easyJet said that the carrier "takes its responsibilities as an employer very seriously and employs all of its crew under local contracts, agreed with the unions and in accordance with the relevant local legislation, so it does not it is possible to compare the terms and conditions between different jurisdictions".