The strike by the drivers of CP - Comboios de Portugal continues and it is expected that, until the 17th of March, it will continue, at least partially.

The carrier released, on its website, the list of trains that it predicts will be cancelled following the strike, warning, however, that "some trains may be cancelled, in addition to those on these lists".

A total of 102 trains were withdrawn between midnight and 8 pm on Sunday due to the train drivers' strike, a CP source told the Lusa agency.

The strike was called by the National Union of Drivers of the Portuguese Railways (SMAQ) against the latest proposal for salary increases of 51 euros, which represents an average career progression of 3.89%, which the union structure considers "clearly unacceptable".

Between midnight on the 11th and 11:59 p.m. on the 17th, a "work strike was called for all normal daily work periods that have an expected duration of more than seven hours and 30 minutes".