Now he has supplemented this speculation by announcing that continuing research has enabled researchers to create embryos from the cells of two males and that the resulting healthy pups (of both sexes) had gone on to mate with mice bred conventionally and produced a further generation without apparent defects. It is now proposed to extend the research to larger mammals so that the application of the technique to human procreation may commence “within a decade” for those beings who are without religious or ethical opposition.

In addition to offering same sex couples the hope of raising a family, there is also the possibility of single persons having children who will possess the genetic heritage of the parent(s) but what is unknown is if the female off-spring of two males will possess masculine physique or vice versa in the case of two mothers.

For the super elite, these proposals are nothing new. The recent phenomenon of Artificlal Intelligence has the potential of being able to supervise new life from conception through birth to maturity in the combined role of wet-nurse, nanny and tutor of yesteryear regardless of whether or not the parenting is conventional. In the wild scenario as envisaged in Roger Vadim´s 1968 science fiction film “Barbarella”, it is not beyond the realms of fantasy to imagine AI being tasked to breed for political purpose be it for astronauts or oligarchs to lead the brave new world!

With fertility ratings dropping globally and a consequent reduction in human population, the question of control by genetic engineering and to whom it will be available will be of vital importance and should be the subject of enquiry and supervision by the United Nations as being of no less importance than that of combatting the energy crisis and climate change.