So, it’s a perfect chance for property owners and tourists alike. For owners, it will be all about achieving rental income success as the Algarve’s popularity continues to grow.

Tourists, who maybe aren’t quite sure where to visit yet, can experience a truly memorable holiday with plenty of perks. So, SandyBlue wanted to share why the region should be the number 1 choice for holidaymakers this year.

The Algarve has already had plenty of positive attention - winning Europe’s best beach destination at the World Tourism Awards was the tip of the iceberg. In our previous article, we also spoke about how the Algarve offers multiple opportunities for remote workers too.

The possibilities and the benefits are endless!

A family-friendly destination is more important than ever.

When travel came to a standstill in 2020, the impact on families was huge. So much so, when travel returned to normal, family holidays evolved. Safety is still the number one priority when it comes to holidays, something the Algarve took great steps to address. Our own team take the safety and comfort of our guests very seriously.

We work with our owner partners to ensure their properties are attractive to family groups. Most importantly, we ensure they are safe. From pool fence installations to plug socket covers, simple changes give the guests total peace of mind.

While our villa owner partners are aware of the Algarve’s safety, we convey the message to all potential guests so that they know they are in safe hands from the minute the booking is made.

A busy itinerary is guaranteed

For guests who want a private and family-oriented stay predominantly at their villa, our personalised concierge service offers in-villa services to keep them occupied from the comfort of their home.

While relaxation is important for guests, the Algarve is a destination full of activity. The word on this is certainly getting out, with increased interest in specific activities from our guests.

The region has always been sought after in the golfing world. Now, golfers from further afield are finally making the trip here to experience the legendary golf course. For properties based near these courses, this global interest is a fantastic opportunity.

Boat tours are also on the rise, with tourists keen to see the coast and cliffs landscape of the Algarve. The fine balance between family activities and those maybe suited more to a couple means there is something for everyone. Finally, it wouldn’t be the Algarve without the fabulous food, including some Michelin-star restaurants in the heart of the Golden Triangle. As we said, the Algarve is the place for lasting memories.

Making fabulous memories

As with any holiday, guests can take simple steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. We always recommend the best travel links, locations, activities and tips to ensure our guests have all the knowledge they need.

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