Several trees have been pruned in Lagoa, Estômbar and Carvoeiro, but it was especially in Carvoeiro that residents complained about this “decapitation” of trees which they believe is "shocking".

"This atrocity against our Nature in Carvoeiro has left countless birds homeless. Despite so much information about the environment and how to take care of it for future generations, we continue to commit so many crimes against it," said one Carvoeiro resident.

While many people are against this situation saying that those trees were home to various birds and that the natural greenery of the town is something that should be preserved, on the other hand, others have complained for a long time due to noise and bird droppings on taxis, benches and terraces.

Council was not aware

The municipality of Lagoa has already issued a statement about what happened. However, it takes no position, saying that the responsibility for cutting the trees does not lie with the municipality and that the council was not even aware of it.

"The intervention done on the trees next to the taxi stand in Carvoeiro, on the Estrada do Farol, was not ordered by the municipality. The municipality of Lagoa was not aware of this intervention," they said.

The next steps will be to find those responsible. The municipality says it is currently investigating the circumstances under which the pruning of the trees was carried out to find out who was guilty for what happened.