Essential items, that we couldn’t live without. Glassware, ornaments, books. Suddenly unwanted. Someone else would love to own it. Surely?

Re-homing abandoned animals is one of APAA’s charitable jobs. Taking in unwanted pets gives them a new lease of life. A new home. Once the animal, is safe, warm, and secure it has to be fed. Nurtured. Vet fees pop into the equation. SNiP has become legendary because it does what it says. Spaying and Neutering Programme. It works on countless animals around the Algarve. Whether they are dumped outside a bin, or taken in by a kind human.

The main objective is to control the horror of continuous breeding amongst our canine and feline furry friends. Cat colonies can be the answer if we have enough of them. Zélia Santos and her crew look after countless numbers of cats. Catching them, SNiP’ing, and then safely re-launched into the public domain. Jenny Clarke, President of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, voted back into the job, again, has numerous campaigns to get the money to maintain the ongoing programme. “It never stops. Once a female feline is pregnant, there is the potential of the older kitties breeding and the cycle starts again.”

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The calculator is handy, five kittens by five kittens each. Whoops. Or, is it Oops? Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are easier to control. Welcomed into a fenced-up garden, or backyard. Cats are naturally suspicious and quick to take off. APAA’s SNiP, scratching just the surface. ‘Here to Help’ is the well-worn APAA motto. Helping their community other shelters and last but not least the animals themselves. Fast become a favourite past-time is the ‘Pop-Up’. Several venues, with lots of goods from houses. “Some call it downsizing or having a clear out!”

Charity does begin at home. Anita, head of the ‘Pop-Up’ brigade, believes in getting the value for money items out of the shops into someone’s home. Next is the ‘Jolly’ Bar at Alvor. Lots of quality items. Mark of the diary. Friday 24th March 10.30-2pm. Just by the Alvor campsite. Isabel Searle, experimenting with her charity table for ‘Tiny Shelter’. Also, Fiona with current Fi-Line fashions, jewellery and make-up. Gill Goode and her beautiful prints and cards. Not forgetting Jenny’s jams, preserves, and marmalades. Yum! Facebook.