“Keeping us all busy!” Jenny President, along with Jackie Treasurer and Jane, VP, have a good solid team, Their charity shops’ shelves are always filled with interesting items. Ideas for Christmas and everyday humdrum life. Outside, garden or patio ideas. Inside, paintings, and ornaments. Special somethings for ‘himself’ or ‘herself’. The ladies in our shops are always willing to help out. Anita their ‘Pop-Up’ Shop head girl gets all her goodies from the Alvor and Silves shops. Always an eye out for a different gift idea. “This year has been a mixed bag of tricks. Luckily we’ve had a good stall at the Convento’bio. The Ferragudo car boot sales are a real hit!” The whole point of setting these events up is to raise money, not only for APAA to function and fulfil its SNiP campaign work, but also for the smaller charities who need help.

“Frankly, it’s not just the smaller charities. We all need a helping hand at some time or another.” Jenny is right. The Cat-colonies are a wonderful idea. Zélia Santos and her cat-catching crew are always busy. Trapping, Snipping and then Returning. They don’t reduce in size. “No! Someone always has the bright idea to dump a heavily pregnant cat amongst the colony members.” Too late. For everyone.

APAA’s Pre-Christmas Shopping! Ferragudo’s famous Sunday Car Boot Sales. Fair and Street market. Main one-way street. Sunday 10/12 8am-12. A boot crammed with goodies. Then the Big One! Wednesday 22nd November at ‘O Tasco’ 12-3.00pm APAA’s place, for that proper friendly ‘Pop-Up’ pop-in feeling. A good deal menu do amigo book direct (+351) 282 471 769.

APAA’s special Christmas Lunch. ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ Tuesday 12th December. 12.30-1.00 start. A beautiful spot, looking out at Silves Castle, it is always an excellent Portuguese-style hearty meal. Choice of Boar Stew or Bacalhau com Natas. Vegetarian option available. Desserts, coffee, water, wine, or beer. 24€/26€ Members/Non. Please book your lunch directly with Jenny (+351) 919041903 or send an email. APAA’s Christmas gift table with jewellery and those special somethings on sale. If you are interested in ‘Holiday Inn’s’ paintings and mirrors, large and small contact Jenny info.apaaportugal@gmail.com. Don’t forget, there are always friendly APAA charity shops Dunas do Alvor and Rua Elias Garcia Silves. For ‘Pop-Up’ info or Recanto lunch events.apaaportugal@gmail.com

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SNiP - APAA’s main agenda for the Algarve, raising money, keeping furry, feral felines’ population down, and helping with abandoned dogs. Shelters and charities in need. Every little helps. Don’t forget Jenny’s jams, chutneys, preserves and Jackie’s cookies!