At the private meeting of the municipal executive, the proposal regarding the licensing of a work to expand a property on Rua 1.º de Dezembro, in the parish of Santa Maria Maior, for the installation of a hotel, was approved with five votes against and seven votes in favour of the PSD/CDS-PP leadership, a vote in which Livre was absent from the room.

"This project refers to the licensing of an expansion work in a building, consisting of five floors above ground, currently for services and commerce, located in an area covered by the Detail Plan of Safeguarding of Baixa Pombalina, and which will be intended for the installation of a tourist resort (hotel with 32 accommodation units and a 'suite') on the upper floors and a restaurant, on the ground floor," reads the proposal to which the Lusa agency had access to.

Regarding the fact that this urban operation focuses on the property where the shoe store A Deusa worked, which was distinguished in the Shops with History program, the pronunciation of the Department of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Companies was requested, and the Division of Promotion and Local Dynamization clarified that, "due to the closure of activity, that distinction had been extinguished".

In the area of Urbanism, the city council also approved the issuance of favourable prior information regarding the feasibility of building Modules 4 and 5 of the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in Praça do Império, with the votes against of PCP, BE, PCP and Citizens For Lisbon.

By unanimity, the executive also decided to approve the architectural project of the demolition work and new construction in the building on Avenida Professor Gama Pinto (University City), a building supporting the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon (FLUL), in the parish of Alvalade.

With the votes against PCP and the votes in favor of the rest, the chamber made possible a new protocol with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, for "a municipal project of relevant cultural interest following the obligations assumed" for the requalification of Rua Marquês de Fronteira.

By proposal of the councillor of Human and Social Rights, Sofia Athayde (CDS-PP), the municipal executive approved several supports to respond to homeless people, including the allocation of 346,750 euros to Crescer na Maior – Community Intervention Association, to continue, for another 12 months, the Housing First project, with 50 dwellings.

By proposal of the councillors of the PCP, the city council approved, with the abstention of the PSD / CDS-PP leadership, the celebration of the centenary of the politician and activist Amílcar Cabral and decided, unanimously, and assign a toponym to the architect Manuel Costa Martins in a street of the city.

To mark the International Day to Combat Racial Discrimination, celebrated on March 21, the BE presented a proposal for the creation and implementation of a Municipal Plan to Combat Racism and Discrimination, which will be discussed and voted on at a next meeting.