With a script by Lacerda Matos, the film is a candidate in the category of Best Ibero-American Film of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Mexico, the Academy affirms in a statement.

"Salgueiro Maia - O Implicado", starring actor Tomás Alves, tells the life story of Salgueiro Maia, one of the military responsible for the April Revolution of 1974, which led to the definitive fall of the dictatorship of the Estado Novo.

The cast includes Filipa Areosa, Frederico Barata, Diogo Martins, Rodrigo Tomás, José Condessa and Catarina Wallenstein.

Premiered in Portuguese cinemas on April 14, 2022, it was conceived from the "exclusive biography and research" of António de Sousa Duarte on the life of the Captain of April, "the hero and the purest symbol of April 25, 1974", underlines the Film Academy.

The film "portrays untold stories" about Salgueiro Maia, "small revelations that allow us to better understand where the moderation, bravery, education and firmness with which he always presented himself publicly, and that were the key to the Carnation Revolution", reads the Academy's statement.

The film directed by Sérgio Graciano is, however, a fictional story even if based on historical facts, personal accounts, intimate revelations, real emotions of those who accompanied the captain throughout his life.

"A film that reveals the other side of a mythical character and that pays homage to the man, the student, the military, the father, the friend and the unique military of April," says the Portuguese Academy of Cinema.

The film was produced by Sky Dreams Entertainment, with the Colombian 11:11 Films & TV.

The Ariel Awards have been promoted and organised since 1947 by the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and aims to recognise the directors, creators, interpreters and technicians of Mexican cinema, as well as the best of Ibero-American cinema in the category of Best Film with the Ariel de Prata award.