At the time, the house (a T3 in Braga) was sold for three Bitcoins, around €110,000. For this operation, Zome had a partnership with the law firm Antas da Cunha ECIJA and Crypto Valley.

Currently, Zome houses that can be bought with cryptocurrencies can be found for sale on the Cryptohouses platform, always in Bitcoin: a T8 house in Braga, where the company made its first sale, reaches 65 BTC (€1.3 millions).

Now, Zome has created the Hub Metaverse, which allow for visiting “real estate in the virtual world” with the help of a browser, in its stores. With this, the brand claims to be the “first Portuguese real estate agent to have a business unit” with this concept.

According to the company, the Zome digital hub will also allow the “entrance of multi-users using avatars” and, in 2023 they hope to launch a feature using virtual reality glasses to visit properties without leaving home.

“We want to be at the forefront and provide new experiences to our customers, giving them the opportunity to explore this new world of virtual reality in the metaverse, in a highly convenient format”, concluded Carlos Santos, Zome's chief technology officer.