Speaking to Lusa, Carla Reis, owner of local accommodation and the promoter of the protest, explained that the concentrations will be taking place simultaneously in Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

“The reasons are the same that led us to demonstrate on March 1st: the defense of the AL. On the 30th, the Government will approve the remaining set of measures that are part of the More Housing package, this time measures that directly concern the AL”, she said.

According to Carla Reis, the most worrying measure is the one that "puts in the hands of the condominiums the power, without any kind of intermediary, to prohibit the activity, prevent the opening of new ALs and prohibit the activity of those that already exist", regardless of whether they caused some kind of disturbance.

“We do not agree with this measure. We think it is unnecessary and will promote a war between neighbours. We think it's harmful. We also do not agree with the additional fees, that extraordinary contribution on the AL which is 35%, the increase in taxes, the double taxation that will focus on the AL that are in certain areas of urban pressure”, said the businesswoman.

Carla Reis also highlighted the expiry date for AL licenses without taking into account the different realities across the country.

The gatherings will take place simultaneously at 12:00 on the 30th in Porto, next to the main entrance of Mercado do Bolhão, in Praça do Município, in Lisbon, and in front of Faro City Hall.