According to the IPMA, this Saturday "periods of rain are expected in the North and Centre regions from mid-afternoon, being more intense and frequent in Minho from late afternoon".

"Occasionally strong wind" is expected in the highlands, in addition to a drop in the minimum temperature, "more significant in the North and Centre". However, a "small rise in the maximum temperature in the interior" is expected.

Today the maximum temperature will vary between 24 degrees Celsius, in Beja, Évora and Faro, and 16 degrees Celsius, in Viana do Castelo. The minimums will oscillate between 13ºC, in Faro, and 1 degree, in Bragança.

On Sunday, "periods of light rain or drizzle are expected in the North and Centre regions until mid-morning, and may extend to the Alto Alentejo until late morning". A "small rise in the minimum temperature" is expected.

The maximums will vary between 26ºC, in Faro, and 14ºC, in Guarda, and the minimums between 13 degrees, in Faro, and 5 degrees, in Bragança.