Outside Spanish territory, Lucas Fox will also open its first space in Porto, scheduled for May, and the next opening will be in Montpellier, France according to idealista. In 2020, shortly before the pandemic, Lucas Fox created a wine property advisory service that included, among other things, advice on the purchase and sale of vineyards, wineries and wine farms, a type of property with a long tradition in the country.

Predictions for 2023

After closing 2022 as one of its best years, with a growth of 29 percent compared to the previous year and an unprecedented turnover of €32.6 million, the real estate company faces 2023 with the forecast of continuing growth, thanks to the momentum of the luxury market and interest in Spanish properties from international and local clients.

These four new offices, together with the forecast of new openings for this year, reinforce Lucas Fox's position as a leading company in the Spanish luxury residential market, with a total of 34 offices and more than 250 employees.