Portugal has the 9th highest national minimum wage (SMN) in Europe and monthly expenses in Portugal represent 67% of the SMN, according to a study by HelloSafe Portugal.

"Although it is not among the worst, Portugal has the 9th highest salary in Europe, but it is behind all the big countries, such as France and Spain", according to a statement reported by Notícias ao Minuto.

Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium have the highest minimum wages in Europe, according to the same analysis.

The study also reveals that monthly expenses in Portugal represent 67% of the minimum wage, with those related to housing highlighted: "Currently, the biggest expense is for housing, which uses about 30.6% of the Portuguese salary".

"Followed by purchases in supermarkets, with 26.8%, followed by transport, with 14.5%".

Analysis reveals that, in general, "it's already difficult to live with just one minimum wage", but in some cities in the country the situation is even worse. "Lisbon, Cascais, Porto and Leiria have monthly expenses above the national average, which is 591.10 euros. Remember that monthly expenses do not include rent and accommodation expenses".