Tourists want to make memories that last a lifetime. In the villa rental space here in the Algarve, expectations of a perfect stay are higher than ever before.

At SandyBlue, the guest experience begins the second a guest makes that first enquiry. Our friendly reservations team start the journey by ensuring guests feel they are in safe hands and find the right villa for their needs. From here, our guest experience team steps in to help guests feel the holiday excitement right away.

The team is led by Suzanne Bawden, our Guest Services Manager. Having been a finalist for ‘Employee of the year’ at the Algarve Business Awards, her dedication is instrumental to our success. So, how do we create the perfect Algarve experience?

Creating a tailored guest experience

No guest is the same, so each booking we receive will require different needs and have diverse interests. In terms of the villa requirements, be it easy access or child-friendly, the reservations team will see to all of these details.

It is then the job of the guest experience team to help the guests create a busy holiday itinerary. There is so much fun to be had in the Algarve, so fitting as much in will help create the best memories.

Whether it’s an active holiday or one full of relaxation, we have the best recommendations for our guests. We created a carefully curated experiences brochure to define the activities available. The guest services team will help arrange any activity so that guests get the holiday they want.

With a 90% guest satisfaction rate in 2022, we are confident our attention to detail and prioritising guest needs will improve even further. We are always on the lookout for new additions to our experience brochures and making guests' lives that little bit easier. That is what holidays are all about.

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Why do our owner partners benefit from these efforts?

When fond memories are created, this creates a desire to return for repeat visits. The Algarve in particular is becoming increasingly familiar to many families around the world.

As such, our owner partners are seeing fantastic benefits too! They have plenty to think about when owning a property, so allowing us to take care of the guest experience helps their busy schedules. With no extra hassle comes total peace of mind.

Coming back to the repeat custom, we currently have a 60% repeat guest rate - this is proof alone that our guest experience really makes an impact. Furthermore, it means a busy bookings calendar and increased interest when new guests see the glowing feedback.

Happy guests and happy owners are important to our team. We understand that the guest experience is always evolving, so we will keep our eyes open for changing guest expectations and exciting new adventures!

For more information please contact SandyBlue at +351 289 392 236 or +44 (0)207 183 0412.