The recruitment session will take place at the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade hotel, in Lisbon, between 4 pm and 8 pm, and aims to recruit professionals for the airline's website and for Ryanair Labs.

"Successful candidates will not only work on Europe's largest travel website for our customers, they will also drive exciting in-house technology solutions for pilots, cabin crew and ground operations," says Ryanair.

At this stage, Ryanair is looking for Software Developers, Business Intelligence Professionals, Quality Assurance Engineers, Security Analysts, Project Managers and Scrum Masters.

The airline indicates that its employees “enjoy excellent compensation packages, fantastic opportunities and career development benefits”, in addition to “discounted travel on the network of more than 235 Ryanair destinations”.

Those interested in participating in the Ryanair recruitment session must apply by completing an online form, which is available here.

“Our Portuguese hub is unique and offers the best candidates in Portugal the technology and the opportunity to work remotely, but with the full support of the Ryanair Labs teams in Dublin, Madrid and Wroclaw”, highlights the air carrier, explaining that Ryanair Labs is the technology arm of the Ryanair Group and functions as a start-up within an airline and a cutting-edge IT and digital innovation centre.