During the last week, the price increased by 99 cents (0.44%) and now costs 226.98 euros, according to accounts carried out by the Portuguese Association for Consumer Defense (DECO). Fresh hake, tuna and spaghetti were some of the products that increased in price the most.

If we compare the price to a year ago (April 6, 2022), this basket is 32.06 euros more expensive, an increase of 16.45%. At the same time, the difference is even more noticeable if the comparison is made with the day before the start of the war in Ukraine: on February 23, it cost 183.63 euros, which means an increase of 23.61% (plus 43, 35 euros) compared to the current price. This year alone, the basket monitored by DECO, which includes 63 food products, increased by 7.58 euros (3.45%).

To overcome the rise in prices, the Government signed an agreement with representatives of distribution (APED) and agri-food production (CAP farmers), which will allow VAT exemption on a basket of essential goods. The measure is transitory and should be in force between April 18 and October 31, having been approved this Thursday, in the Assembly of the Republic, in a final global vote.