According to a report by Expresso, which was based on the last Salary Guide of the Hays recruitment consultancy for the national market, people working in the same function, in the same sector of activity, with the same level of experience and, sometimes, even with the same employer, a professional working in Porto earns, on average, almost 11% less than they would earn in Lisbon.

In the case of careers of up to five years, a worker in Lisbon earns, in 2023, €2,560 more gross per year than someone who performs the same functions in Porto.

The same does not happen in the case of workers with careers between 6 and ten years and over ten years, with the wage difference between people working in Lisbon and Porto increasing by 10.9% in both cases, in 2023 compared to 2019.

“In the Energy sector, for example, a procurement director (responsible for optimizing purchasing processes) has an average annual gross income 41% below what is practiced in Lisbon. And the differences have even increased. Comparing with 2019, the wage gap between workers in Lisbon and Porto has worsened for professionals at the beginning of their careers”, writes the publication, which analysed a total of 307 professions from 13 sectors of activity, in both cities.