With this in mind, Jenny Clarke, President of APAA, (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve), and her Head of ‘Pop-Ups’ Anita Wight, went on a hunt. Looking for an answer, to their problem. Having re-homed several abandoned dogs, over the years, each turned to the other and asked the same questions. If they died, or fell ill, who would look after their pets. Indeed. Who? Where? How?

Loved ones, are in no state to worry about any animals that once belonged. Once. But then a magic wand comes along.

APAA, Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, learnt about Sid Richardson and his adventurous ‘Cabanita’ outside of Loulé. ARA (Animal Rescue Algarve) was initially set up as a shelter for abandonees. Successfully re-homing at least 30 if not more animals a month. But, in the back of Sid’s mind was a huge problem. What would happen to animals, when their owners became ill, or unfortunately, died?

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Coincidentally, the same question hanging over APAA and ARA’s heads. Sid had a long-time dream, now starting to blossom. ‘Legacy For Pets’. His inspirational idea needed back-up and needed solid testing. Both Jenny and Anita welcomed ARA’s offer. Approaching it with a real plan of action. “We had to take it step-by-step.” Finally, documentation and ideas consolidated, their animals signed-up. A relief not only for the owners, but a comfort knowing not only your human loved ones will be looked after, but also your furry, faithful, friends. Box ticked!

APAA’s long list of ‘Pop-Ups’, dinner and lunch venues have increased, becoming synonymous with animal welfare, helping the community and the fundraising for abandoned animals and APAA’s SNiP campaign.

The Spaying and Neutering of animals is a profound necessity in attempting to keep the animal population down. Especially, furry, feral feline friends, who are on the increase. It's selfish and unsubstantiated to think in human terms about animals and their reproduction.

Even official kennels/catteries are being fined and held responsible for their condition and practices. Female animals do not want unnecessary, repetitive attention from their male counterparts. The result of a cat’s breeding habits are astonishing. Hundreds upon hundreds unwanted kittens. They need food, care and medical attention. Cat Colonies are not always the answer to population reduction. You have to catch them first.

APAA’s motto ‘here to help’, if anyone has a problem with feral cats, or abandoned dogs, they are available to help wherever, whenever they can. Three stranded, pre-Christmas pups, hanging on literally for dear life with umbilical cords still attached. Cared for, nurtured, SNiP’d re-homed. Job done!


Jenny: Info.apaaportugal@gmail.com.

Élia: legacy@animalrescuealgarve.com.