‘Legacy for Pets’ could be a helpful reminder that we all have to meet our maker, one way or another. ARA’s founder Sid Richardson’s idea lay dormant until re-ignited by Jenny Clarke, President of APAA and ‘Pop-Up Shop’ Anita, and many others had the question “What happens to my pet(s) after I have popped-off?” They become re-abandoned, or with luck and foresight, re-homed, fairly quickly.

Animal Rescue Algarve’s wonderful animal shelter lies outside Loulé. The team, headed by General Manager, João Ferreira, work very hard to get all animals re-homed. “We never give up!” They re-home dogs, pre-checking them with follow-ups. Their welfare is paramount. Several have signed up already. Content knowing their animals have a future.

APAA’s work with ARA cements their bond. “Not only with ‘Legacy for Pets’ but with help re-homing, follow-through is so important. Especially with Cat Colonies!” Not the only common denominator between the two associations. “A new cat home in Tavira has just been set up.” Sid Richardson presses on tirelessly with his team and the ‘Legacy’ project.

Sadly, ‘Nina’, one of APAA’s lodgers at Pet Park has passed over to the doggy heaven. “About 14 years old.” Wendy is trying to recall. “She was here when we took over and had been here for at least three years from the paperwork.” Never to be re-homed. Association for Protection of Animals Algarve had tried several times. “She was getting on a bit, pregnant when she was abandoned. I guess she loved the freedom at Pet Park.“ New year always brings good and bad news. Another sorry tale. “Ann, from our Shop in Silves, died, unexpectedly. We send our condolences to her friends and family.”

Some good news though. João, ‘O Tasco´s’ owner, famed for food and APAA ‘Pop-Up’ Shops, had been getting complaints about the cat population. Mm. Jenny grins. Jenny Clarke, APAA’s President, is a hands-on persona. “So, Zélia our cat trapping cat woman, and I set to, trap 14 of them!” Wow. “Thirteen I guess is one’s lucky number. It had already been sterilised.” So the SNiP campaign does work. Eventually. “Trapping, neutering and returning. TRN.” Yet, another acronym.

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Between SNiP’ing (Spaying and Neutering Programme) and their ‘Pop-Up’ Shops, life, for APAA and members, is a busy 2023. “We can only hope that 2024, is as successful for us and ARA and all our other friends, who help the four-pawed furry friend brigade.” Precisely. “Above all, our followers, members who give donations, help when needed.” APAA and ARA both following through with schools and education. “It’s the only way!”