Overall, users continue to consider the price of the National Health Service (SNS) adequate, but they also have a perception of the value of user fees that is higher than the real value, not knowing that, in some cases, these are no longer paid.

As an example, the study presents the real value and that perceived by users of user fees in various services.

Consultations with a general practitioner or family doctor at the health centre are no longer paid, but users continue to think that they cost close to €3, the same happening with external / specialty consultations in public hospitals, which they estimate to cost €7.

It is in the state of health and quality of life that the effectiveness of the SNS has greater expression, from the perspective of the user, who considers the effectiveness of medicines (76) to be superior to that of the health care received (73,3).

The study indicates that the majority of Portuguese people make a positive assessment of their health status, with 74% considering it to be “good” or “very good”. However, this figure is lower than in 2021 (77%).

On a scale of 1 to 100, the Portuguese rate their health status with 75 points (75.7 in 2021). Without the effect of the SNS, the health status index would be 64.7 (63.2 in 2021).