A plastic water bottle takes more than 450 years to dissolve.

Bottling and transporting water is the least energy-efficient method of supplying water in the history of mankind.

Why not use that bottle more than once? Well, many people reuse their disposable plastic water bottles but single-use water bottles are classified as single-use for a reason, there is a high risk of chemicals and microplastics entering the water inside as they start to degrade from repeated use. One study by the World Health Organization found microplastics in more than 90% of samples from 259 bottle brands across the world. In one bottle tested, concentrations were as high as 10,000 plastic pieces per litre of water.

Swedish company Bluewater has the solution, Bluewater believes the best water is sourced and purified in local communities, not bottled in plastic and transported from faraway places.

Their water purifiers use unique SuperiorOsmosis™ technology, turning the water from your tap into fresh, purified, healthy water

Their proven technology has been seen in action since 2019 at the 148th Open golf tournament at Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland, the Open positioned itself as one of the first major global sporting events to completely eliminate single-use plastic water bottles. Bluewater has gone on to support many other events including the Volvo ocean race, Formula E and many other events

Purity Matters proudly supplies Bluewater products in Portugal, their founder Neil Patstone worked for the Bluewater events business since 2019 and now brings his knowledge and expertise to Portugal with a clear vision of working towards eliminating plastic water bottles.

Purity Matters offers a full water purification service from water analysis to whole-house filtration, if you have a water problem, we have the solution.

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