Sales of 5G smartphones “surpassed 4G sales for the first time” in 2022, according to Francisco Jerónimo, vice president of IDC in Europe, a year in which the segment “was worth 934.3 million euros”.

"5G sales already represent 58% of total smartphone sales", a percentage that "will continue to increase in the coming years, with sales of fifth generation devices "representing 95% of total sales in 2027", he adds.

For example, the average price of 5G smartphones (535 euros in 2023) “is four times higher than that of 4G devices (130 euros in 2023), and will remain so in the coming years”, says Francisco Jerónimo.

Last year, the smart mobile phone market "was worth 934.30 million euros" and "in 2023 we estimate that it will reach 933.86 million euros", estimates the official. Despite expecting a drop in units sold, “the average price will continue to rise so the total market value will remain at 934 million euros”.

As for the brands that lead this segment, the vice president of IDC in Europe says he does not estimate a change in the “top 3” of the ranking. “Samsung will continue to lead the market, Xiaomi will consolidate its position with a closer approach to Samsung and Apple will continue in a comfortable third position and lead the high-end segment”.