EDITOR, News unconsciously give us prospects of the future. Bad news tells us, we’re heading into a bad future. And worse. Good news shows us, how good the future will be. And better.

The only question is: In which future do we want to live? It’s ironic, the clear answer should be ‘in the good future, of course!’, because we all want to live a great life, in health, happiness and abundance, right? But the reality we see, tells exactly the opposite.

People listen to bad news, read about bad stories, bad people... as if there was no choice, no alternative.

And yes, mainstream media produces a bad future very persistently. But still, we CAN choose. What we demand, we get.

If we start demanding more good prospects of the future, we will get them, personally for ourselves and collectively. We will create them through our intention and through our actions, by feeding what we want to see growing.

By reading what supports our vision. By talking about what truly matters. By being an example of a good reality.

With every weekly edition, The Portugal News is creating a better future for all of us. By nourishing the qualities we deeply wish for this world. Peace, health, happiness, abundance, love, joy. Thank you to the TPN-team for supporting the dream of a great future, and thank you to all the fellow readers of truely good news! Let’s keep on claiming a golden future!

by SINA, By email