After docking on April 14 in Cape Verdean waters for the first time, the Portuguese Navy announced that the “Arpão”, which is participating in the 'Open Sea' initiative, in the South Atlantic, “crossed the equator for the first time.

“The NRP Arpão is the first Portuguese submarine to carry out a mission of this type, and it is also the first time that a national submarine has crossed the Equator, putting the operational logistical capacity of the Navy to the test”.

Until the beginning of August, the Portuguese submarine will travel “more than 13,000 miles”, will “perform around 2,500 hours of navigation” and will visit “two continents and five countries”.

Cape Verde was the first country, followed by Brazil, through the South Atlantic, where it will cross to Cape Town, to participate in the celebrations of the 10th of June [Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, in South Africa]. Angola and Morocco are other destinations included in the “Arpão” route.

This initiative will contribute “to the strengthening of military and diplomatic cooperation relations between Portugal and each of the countries visited”, maintained the Navy.

The Portuguese submarine “Arpão” has a crew of 35, including three women.