The NHR is a win-win to expats and to the Portuguese government – on one hand, it allows expats to move to Portugal and enjoy reasonable levels of taxation and on the other hand, Portugal still collects a lot of tax from this group and with the expiry of the 10 year benefit, many will stay and move to the standard system of taxation.

Nowadays, tens of thousands of expats are in the process of filing their tax returns in Portugal and are claiming the NHR benefits. Deadline for tax returns is by the end of June.

Many of them are using, for the first time, the specialist service offered by Fresh Portugal, a Portuguese desk of an international law group specialising in taxation.

The service includes a free tax calculator for people under the NHR scheme and a tax filing service which is, whilst being considerably more expensive from this offered by many local accountants, claims to be a good investment as it maximises tax benefits and prides itself as being the most accurate service for expats.

The tax calculator offers clear instructions in plain English even for complex cases such as US LLCs and S-Corps or UK Ltds, and all tax returns are reviewed and checked by a specialist tax lawyer before submission.