In the Northern Hemisphere, this day in May coincides with Spring time and the birds’ reproduction, which makes watching them interesting as the spectacle of watching a parent feeding their hatchlings is a scene that can universally be understood and appreciated.

With the objective of strengthening understanding of this scene and observing its signs, as well as spreading awareness of the dangers these birds face, Lagoa Municipality will be hosting two events with biologist David Santos on Saturday the 13th of May:

From 8:45am to 1:15pm, the “Coastal Birds” observation walk (4km), meeting at Carlos do Carmo Auditorium. Sign-ups are free but compulsory: From 2:30pm to 6:30pm, a Bird Observation course with both theory and practical aspects, at Sítio das Fontes. To sign up for this one:

Both the activities intend to showcase different bird species, some mating behaviours, like songs, their distinctive features, and threats, as well as an introduction to birdwatching techniques.