The event, organised by the Centre of Studies in Archaeology, Arts and Patrimony Sciences, which encapsulates the universities of Coimbra and the Algarve, and the Mértola Archaeological Field, also aims to commemorate 50 years since the first edition of the masterpiece on Portuguese roman archaeology. The book “Roman Portugal”, authored by the Portuguese historian and archaeologist Jorge de Alarcão, who will take part in the scheduled discussions over these two days.

“This event is purposefully set on the 50th anniversary of the publishing of a work that, in a way, compiled the first comprehensive summary of Portugal in the Roman epoch,” João Pedro Bernardes, archaeologist and Algarve University staff, told Lusa.

Under the theme “Conventus Pacensis Roman Cities in Dialogue in The Peninsular Southwest”, the gathering will serve to make a report on the archaeological investigation in Portuguese cities, particularly in the South, “comparing them to something sorely lacking in the Portuguese investigation, the realities of the Spanish side,” he pointed out. “The investigation has been carried out, many times, with our backs turned to our Spanish colleagues, from there it’ll be important to run an analysis and a comparison of the projects,” the archaeologist highlighted.

In the event, there will also be Italian and German specialists who’ll be participating, integrated into Portuguese teams, like what is the case with the team from New Lisbon University, who are investigating the ancient Roman city of Miróbriga, next to modern-day Santiago do Cacém. “Archaeology also doesn’t have borders, so there are always international investigators who have an interest in learning or studying the realities outside their country of origin,” João Pedro Bernardes brought up.

The gathering, which will include about 20 speakers, begins today, with the panel “Novedades en la arquitectura pública de Augusta Emérita”, an investigative project on Roman theatre, hosted by Pedro Mateos Cruz, of the Mérida Archaeological Institute, at 9:45am at Penha Campus, at the University of the Algarve in Faro.

On Friday, the second day, participants will move to the Mértola Archaeological Field, where a roundtable will happen about the theme “The South of Lusitania and the interprovincial relationships”, moderated by historian Jorge de Alarcão, from Coimbra University.