This fabulous development, providing a clear view over the extensive green valley of Jamor, has 70 flats, ranging from one to four bedrooms, with generous areas that combine simplicity with exclusivity.

With large spaces illuminated by natural light, this magnificent development of contemporary architecture provides a privileged location and a lifestyle where comfort and tranquility are the main characters. Here, the element "earth" is in every corner, from the green gardens surrounding the condominium to the biodiversity, in perfect harmony in an area with low intervention in terms of construction.

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With a landscape as far as the eye can see, with the Tagus River as a backdrop and with a swimming pool whose surroundings invite you to enjoy unique moments in the sun, this is the perfect place for the ones who seek the best of nature near the city life. Elements’ residents can also enjoy a gym to do their daily workouts. The development presents a private parking, which is also a plus.

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Otherwise, choosing Elements development means being close to incredible beaches located on the famous "Portuguese Riviera", apart from having access to numerous schools, hospitals, business centres, shopping areas and public transports; it also means being close to the National Stadium sports complex.

Located between Lisbon and Cascais, in the old part of Carnaxide, this undiscovered refuge will also be part of the EVA ("Eixo Verde e Azul" or Green and Blue Axis) environmental requalification project, granting that the residential market is increasingly 'greener'.

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Choosing Elements means the reconnection with your essence in an environment where tranquility merges with nature, providing a new way of living.

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