Bobi was born in Conqueiros, a village in the municipality of Leiria on May 11, 1992.

"This is where Bobi has always lived and we wanted the birthday party to take place in his space. I'm not going to change anything. I just tried to make everything more beautiful and ensure that Bobi had his favourite dishes".

Two international veterinarians present at the 31st birthday party of the oldest dog in the world, in Leiria, admit that the secret of the dog's longevity lies in human food, freedom and a rich social life.

Karen Becker, an American veterinarian who is currently in Conqueiros, told Lusa that the secret of his long life is in the fresh and diverse food, "good human food", that Leonel prepares for him daily, "without preservatives or ingredients synthetic products that have not been highly processed and with an abundant amount of different nutrients".

"Bobi eats fish every day and fish contains fatty acids, omega 3, dha / epa which nourishes his brain, blood cells and skin," she added.

Allied to a good diet is also "a life without great stress". "Bobi has the forest and a beautiful garden every day, where he himself selects herbs and vegetables that he would like to eat and he exercises daily.

Karen Becker tested the microbiota and performed DNA tests through saliva, the results of which are not yet available. The goal is to understand why some dogs have an "extremely long life".