The organisers of the four Coldplay concerts taking place in Coimbra have appealed to anyone travelling from outside the city to attend the shows, to arrive in the city in the morning.

Coldplay will perform in Coimbra on Wednesday and Thursday and also on Saturday and Sunday.

“For those coming from outside Coimbra, it is strongly recommended that you organise your trip in order to arrive in the city in the morning, as it is expected that in the afternoon there will be a large amount of traffic that could make arrival difficult and delay getting to the show. We want everyone to enjoy the show from the beginning. We remind you that the doors of Estádio Cidade de Coimbra open at 17:00 and the show starts at 18:45”, reads a note from Everything is New published on social networks.

Coimbra is preparing to receive over 200,000 people this week to attend the four scheduled concerts, which mark the opening of Coldplay's tour.

According to TicketLine, this was the most popular event ever in Portugal.

The high demand for tickets that took place in August 2022 led promoter Everything is New to schedule successive concert dates in the city of Coimbra, where Coldplay's European tour begins.

Access to the official sites for purchasing tickets - whose prices ranged between 65 euros and 150 euros, plus taxes, became congested, with more than 400 thousand people on hold on the Ticketline platform.

At the time, the executive president of the Ticketline platform, Ana Ribeiro, admitted that the demand for tickets for Coldplay concerts, which sold out in a few hours, reached a historic level, unprecedented in the country.

“It is unprecedented in Portugal, there has never been so much demand for an event in Portugal”, she highlighted.

Speculation of tickets for concerts by the band led by Chris Martin also led the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) to detain several people, who were trying to sell them at prices far above their real face value.

On social networks and on the Câmara de Coimbra page, it is possible to consult the planned parking spaces, as well as other information related to the concerts.