“Emirates, the world's largest international airline, is looking for Portuguese candidates to join its international cabin crew team. This May, the airline will be present in four Portuguese cities, from North to South of the country, to celebrate its Open Days”, reveals the Dubai airline, in a statement and reported by Publituris.

The first recruitment session will take place in Lisbon, on 19 May, at the Hotel Tivoli Avenida da Liberdade, while the second session will take place in Faro, on 21 May, at the Eva Senses Hotel. On May 29, the Emirates recruitment session will take place in Braga, at the Mercure Braga Centro Hotel, while the last session is scheduled for May 31, in Coimbra, taking place at the Hotel Tivoli Coimbra.

In the press release, Emirates explains that candidates must previously submit their updated CV in English, through an online application, although it is also possible to participate in recruitment sessions without making a prior application.

"To do this, just take the necessary documents with you and ensure that they arrive at the location before the start time", adds the airline, indicating that candidates can learn about all the requirements on their recruitment site.

The ideal candidate, further explains Emirates, should “lead with confidence and assume control in the management of services on board, namely with regard to security procedures”, also ensuring that all crew members receive training for the functions in the airline’s facilities in Dubai.