Fábio Vilar Machado and Simone Vilar Machado are Irineu Machado’s children. Irineu Machado is a Portuguese chemical engineer who emigrated to Brazil as a child and later became a successful businessman, according to information sent to The Portugal News by Golden Green.

Irineu Machado dedicated 45 years of his life “to the treatment of water and air for large Brazilian corporations.” Currently, he lives in Portugal, as do his children, who found the opportunity to open up the renewable energy market in the region of the Algarve.

The two brothers managed to establish their personal and professional lives in the Algarve, by opening Golden Green, a company dedicated to renewable energies, combined with the provision of “a service of excellence.”

Solar panels, batteries and solar hot water systems are some of the services provided by Golden Green, which also offers “sustainable concept air conditioning sales and installation services”, in economic models that are less harmful to the environment. Environmental concern is also integrated into the pumps that heat the water in the swimming pools.

Golden Green aims to “help the planet reduce its carbon footprint, provide quality customer service”, as well as allow future generations to live in a “more sustainable and better world to live in.”

For further information about Golden Green, please call +351 968 123 938, or +351 289 391 102. Alternatively, you can email info@goldengreen.pt or visit www.goldengreen.pt


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