IOTA’s Upswing in Value

The value of the IOTA cryptocurrency reached its highest point throughout the previous week at a value of $0.22 as sentiment flipped positive for the token. As of May 32, 2023, IOTA trades at $0.201116, which means that it has not fallen under its current $0.20 price point, and this is a crucial point that it needs to sustain.

When we look at the cryptocurrency's overall weekly performance, its lowest point was at $0.186627, while its highest was at $0.222959. During the last 30 days, IOTA saw an increase in its value by 3.6%. In the last two weeks, IOTA is up 11.8%, and in the last week, the price difference is at 7.4%.

There is a bullish market sentiment for the future of IOTA, and as a result, it has been on the radar of many cryptocurrency investors and traders.

The 25% Jump and Future Potential Growth of Tradecurve

During Stage 2 of its presale, the Tradecurve cryptocurrency traded at $0.012. Now, at Stage 3, it has increased in value by 25% and trades at $0.015. During this stage, over 13,806,500 TCRV tokens have been sold, and the presale is 18% complete. When Stage 4 of the presale begins, its value will increase by an additional 20%, as the cryptocurrency will climb in value to $0.018, and investors are bullish on the future of the project.

The Tradecurve presale has received such as high level of monument as it is defined as a hybrid exchange that brings the best elements of CEXs and DEXs into a single location, allowing users to trade crypto and any other derivative without even needing to complete the KYC process. On top of Tradecurve, anyone will be able to make a deposit of cryptocurrencies and use them as collateral whenever they make a trade.

The exchange will implement high leverage, starting at 500:1, algorithmic trading, a VIP account system, negative balance protection, and Proof of Reserves (PoR). The project aims to make $20 million during the presale, and the team plans to onboard 100,000 users during the first three months of its operation.

With all of these aspects in mind, the future of TCRV’s value is bullish as analysts predict a 100x climb at launch, as the token will get listed on the Uniswap DEX alongside multiple Tier-1 exchanges.

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