In a message released through his official page on Telegram, accompanied by a short video with the meeting between the leaders in Moldova, the Ukrainian head of state underlined, in particular, "Portugal's willingness to participate in the training of Ukrainian pilots".

"I appreciate the comprehensive and consistent support of Ukraine by the Government of Portugal - military, political and humanitarian", stressed Zelensky.

"Portugal's assistance is extremely important to contain Russia's aggression and restore Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity", he added, following a meeting of the European Political Community summit, the cooperation platform for Ukraine's security and stability.

The Portuguese prime minister also reacted via Twitter to the meeting with Zelensky, guaranteeing "military, political, diplomatic and humanitarian" support.

"We continue side by side with Ukraine in the defense of its territorial integrity and international law, and in the search for a just and lasting peace. For this to be possible, Russia cannot win this war", underlined António Costa.