Luís Araújo, who has been at the head of the institute for the last seven years, leaves due to “personal reasons”, according to a report by ECO and confirmed by the Ministry of Economy.

Thus, Carlos Abade is to take his place, who until now has been a member of the board of directors of Turismo de Portugal.

In a statement, Minister Costa Silva was “grateful” for the work of Luís Araújo and Filipe Silva, “who contributed to the affirmation of a very relevant sector for the national economy, tourism, whose work and results can serve as an example and inspiration to other sectors of the economy”.

“Directing Turismo de Portugal was leading a team of excellence, a team that is to be congratulated for the work that has been carried out and that will certainly continue to demonstrate all its capacity for work and innovation in favour of this important sector of activity”, said Luís Araújo.