On May 26, this free pass became available to all young people residing in Lisbon, over 16 and under 23 years old, and also to citizens over 65 years old, who already have this pass.

Today, the measure is extended to all Lisbon residents with a Navegante pass.

When presenting the measure, the mayor, Carlos Moedas (PSD), said that the objective is to advance in the decarbonisation of the city, so, as of today, the initiative is available to all residents with tax domicile in Lisbon who buy the pass.

To use Gira for free, anyone under 23 and over 65 simply needs to show in the mobile application that they have the free Navegante pass.

For the rest, it is necessary to prove that they are residents of Lisbon, so they must present themselves at an EMEL store (Company for Mobility and Parking in Lisbon that manages Gira) with proof of residence, through any invoice, for free the use of Gira, according to Carlos Moedas.

Gira's number exceeds 1,000 bicycles and the objective, according to Carlos Moedas, is to double the number, to 2,000.