UTI appears mostly in women, due to the fact that their urogenital system is not a fully closed system, therefore can easily catch an infection. When men grow older and have problems with their Prostate they can suffer from it as well. The most common UTI is Bladder Infection (Cystitis).

Every woman experiences it at least once in her life, some more than once and some suffer from it chronically.

Caused by: Nearly 85% of the infections are caused by the E. Coli bacterium which is an intestinal bacterium, but it can be caused by other types of bacteria as well. The most important thing is to diagnose which type you have.

Symptoms: Common symptoms include a strong, frequent urge to urinate and a painful and burning sensation when urinating, sometimes it also includes shivering, nausea, and great inconvenience while sitting, driving, exercising, and making other day-to-day activities.

Transmission: Spreads by public toilets, sexual contact, hands, clothes, incorrect intimate cleansing, Sauna, hot/normal Swimming-pools, borrowed swimsuits, etc. All things that are in direct contact with the urogenital organs can be the cause of a bladder infection.

Treatment: Includes instructions for better self-care (drink enough water, correct intimate cleansing, how to act in public toilets, etc.), herbal tinctures & teas, essential oils, and supplements. The methods change from person to person depending on which bacteria caused the infection and the symptoms it created.

The conventional treatment is mostly antibiotics for acute infection and even as a long-term treatment for prevention in chronic situations. Antibiotics, will reduce the symptoms and create a remission but the infection, for those who have it chronically, will return frequently. The alternative way is to take care of the reason for its occurrence so that in time the population of the bacteria will return to normal and won’t create another infection.

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Urine infections can be controlled and prevented!