The city council of Braga has announced its goal to increase the amount of affordable housing available. This first step taken in the council´s plan at the beginning of the week, with the investment in these 15 housing fractions was done so as a part of the Local Housing Strategy (ELH).

The properties that will be acquired include one T1, ten T2 and four T4 properties. They must meet standards for habitability, with all necessary rehabilitation works being carried out before accepting tenants.

€123 million to be invested

The mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio, shared that this "is the first experience of this nature (in Braga), which we hope will be successful because there are 15 households, if we succeed with this acquisition, that will see their housing needs met".

In February, Braga announced that it will invest €123 million in housing. This investment in the new ELH will be the largest made for housing in Braga, with several interventions and policies to be put in place up to 2026, to respond to this need within the population.

According to Ricardo Rio, the property acquisition carried out by the municipality will be done in a "in a phased and gradual way".

Investment in land

The council also wants to launch a public offer for the acquisition of land that will allow the municipality to construct new, affordable housing.

The mayor said that there are a number of sites that are currently being looked into, and notes that "the areas of lands identified are in the first ring of the city, since there are not exactly many areas of land available within the urban network".

Ricardo Rio also noted that that there is an upcoming revision of the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) stating that “this year a revision of PDM will be implemented, as an essential factor to increase the supply of housing in the market and attract sustainable investment and generate wealth.”