According to SAPO news, the Immigration, Borders and Asylum Report (RIFA), to which Lusa had access, on the occasion of the anniversary of the SEF, advances that in 2022 there was "an inversion in the trend of decreasing the number of applications for acquisition of Portuguese nationality", accounting for a total of 74,506 requests for opinions, an increase of 37.2% compared to 2021.

Of the 74,506 applications for the acquisition of nationality, the SEF issued 64,040 opinions, 63,129 of which were positive and 911 negative.

According to RIFA, the majority of citizens who applied for Portuguese nationality last year came from Israel (20,975), Brazil (18,591) and Cape Verde (3662).

The SEF points out that the acquisition of Portuguese nationality by naturalization represents about two-thirds of the applications and a quarter were related to marriage or de facto union.

Regarding the acquisition of nationality by effect of marriage or de facto union, the SEF highlights the applications submitted by citizens of Brazil (9435), Venezuela (1536) and Cape Verde (900).

"In this type of process, there is a large number of foreign citizens who, not being residents in the national territory, make the application for nationality at the embassies and consulates of Portugal in the area of residence. It should be noted that, within the framework of SEF's competences in this area, 14,993 opinions were issued (14,854 positive and 79 negative)," says RIFA.