After several days of intense heat, the third weekend of July promises to bring milder weather, more akin to conditions experienced in spring months.

In the coming days, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), the thermometers will drop in most of the mainland and on the north and central coast there are even forecasts of precipitation.

On Saturday, rain is forecast for Braga, Viana do Castelo, Porto and Vila Real, Aveiro, where maximum temperatures will not rise above 25ºC.

In Lisbon, temperatures will not be much higher, reaching only a maximum of 26ºC. The hottest districts in the country will be: Faro (32ºC), Beja and Évora (30ºC) and Castelo Branco and Setúbal (29ºC).

On Sunday, thermometers will rise slightly, in some districts such as Faro (34ºC), Beja (33ºC), Évora (32ºC), Castelo Branco (33ºC), Portalegre (30ºC), Bragança (29ºC), Braga and Vila Royal (27ºC).

In Lisbon and Porto the temperatures will be lower than the previous day. In the capital, the thermometers will not rise, according to the IPMA, beyond 25ºC, and in Porto I won’t get beyond 23ºC. For Setúbal, where some of the most popular beaches for the Portuguese are located, 28ºC are expected.