"This program is finished and its presentation is expected. I am responsible for part of the tolls [in the former SCUT] and therefore, very soon, I will be able to answer all the questions: What is the reduction rate of tolls, which vehicles and which reduction will apply and when this reduction will start", said Ana Abrunhosa, stressing that it is a "reduction, never abolition".

Ana Abrunhosa stated that this is a reduction and explained that the abolition of tolls on the former SCUT (roads at no cost to the user) "is something that we can consider when the concessions are coming to an end".

"For now, it's a reduction that I think people will be happy with," she maintained.

The Minister for Territorial Cohesion admitted, in May, to having the feeling of being "always indebted" for not having yet managed to reduce tolls on the former SCUT, but stressed that the ministries involved have been working on a proposal.

Ana Abrunhosa stated that the work being done takes into account "not only, in the proposal, the reduction of tolls on the ex-SCUT, but also on Via do Infante, which is also a promise".