Multiple departments coming together to delight guests and help property owners succeed is our ultimate mission.

We are going behind the scenes in our brand-new article series to discover more about the departments that are completing this mission every day. First up, we’re starting at the beginning of a property owner's villa rental journey with us - it’s time to meet the onboarding team!

What does onboarding a property involve?

It is no secret that the demand for Golden Triangle villa getaways continues to rise. With this in mind, the onboarding team are consistently looking to connect with new owners in the region or those who are considering entering the rental market.

An integral value for SandyBlue is that we fully understand our owners and their properties. This is why our first step is to meet in person and take a tour of the property. It allows us to understand the desirability of the property, in terms of location, number of bedrooms, attractive features and much more. We understand what guests are looking for and we can communicate this to potential owners accordingly.

Of course, when it comes to the financial and legal aspects of the rental process, owners can feel overwhelmed. With our onboarding specialists, total peace of mind is guaranteed as they will take owners through each step. From expected rental prices to obtaining the relevant licenses and insurance contracts, we support them wholeheartedly.

The people behind the scenes

This meticulous process would not be achieved without SandyBlue’s fantastic onboarding specialists. Our Onboarding Manager, Joy Franke, shared her favourite part of her role. “Meeting varying different types of owners, gaining their trust, and delivering on the promises made, which is ensuring the best possible rental experience. I love working with and being of service to our owner partners.”

Joining Joy is Angela Jesus, whose exceptional eye for detail means the property photoshoots go without a hitch and our website listings are the very best they can be. The team work together to ensure your property will be well represented when it is time to sign the contract and get the property live on the website.

Offering continued support to property owners in the Golden Triangle

As mentioned, one of our ongoing goals is to constantly help both our existing owner partners and those who are starting their rental journey. We look forward to going behind the scenes with more of the SandyBlue departments in our upcoming series - stay tuned!

For more information contact SandyBlue on +44 (0)207 183 0412 (UK) or +351 289 392 236 (PT).