At the start of every year, a new captain of The Golf Club is appointed by members to lead them in their charity efforts.

“Every captain appoints a charity to support during their term,” Goodwin, the current captain of The Golf Club, explained, “we’ve supported many over the years. For my term, I wanted to support a local charity, so for the past 6 months I’ve held the position we’ve been supporting the Soup Kitchen in Portimão.”

In order to purchase items that their charity of choice wants, The Golf Club receives a shopping list from Joy Borgan, the Portimão Soup Kitchen’s founder. They then go out and buy those goods, delivering them to the soup kitchen. Products donated normally include tinned food, rice, pasta, and other foods with distant expiration dates.

“So far, in 6 months, we’ve raised 700 euros for the soup kitchen,” Andy Goodwin revealed. “We hope to raise 1500€ by the end of the year.”

The Golf Club in Espiche raises money for their charity campaigns through special events catered to doing so. Due to its natural connection to the sport, these events are more often than not related to golf, although they can be anything, even something as simple as a dinner party. “We have very generous members,” Goodwin said, as they put money into the charity pot through anything from paid entry into events to opening holes in golf.

A notable example of the club’s track record involves them buying a defibrillator, commonly used to restart a heartbeat, for the local fire station.


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Jay Bodsworth