“The competition, which celebrated 730 years, didn’t only register a great attendance from the public, but from exhibitors too, with the whole event space occupied,” the mayor said in a press release.

In the latest public municipal executive meeting, the mayor, Laura Rodrigues, said the number of visitors ended up below those of 2022, which counted 260 thousand visitors.

According to the local government, the three concerts this year, featuring Richie Campbell, Anselmo Ralph and Bárbara Tinoco, contributed to the public appeal, as the first sold out with 5500 spectators.

This year’s edition of the São Pedro Fair counted 156 products and services exhibitors, an area with 105 traditional fair marketers, 22 craftsmanship stores, 25 amusement areas, dining areas (with 5 restaurants and 8 taverns) and an entertainment zone (with 5 bars).

The Wines of Lisbon were on display at the “Wine on the Lines,” an area in the Multiuse Pavilion created in partnership with the Lisbon Region Viticultural Commission, with 22 producers.

The budget for this year was 450 thousand euros, above those of the last four years.

The São Pedro Fair has happened for 730 years now, having moved to the four acres of the city’s Regional Exhibition Park in 1999.