According to the press release, the event “is a celebration of European storytelling, theatre, visual arts and journalism.” The project has financial support from the European Union, under the Theatre in Palm (TiP) program, which aims to support emerging artists, especially those most affected by the consequences of the pandemic.

The event will take place in various locations in the Portuguese capital, such as Casa Fernando Pessoa, Cossoul, Polo Culturar Gaivotas, Prisma Estúdio and Teatro do Bairro, where activities such as a Poetry film contest, exhibitions dedicated to journalists, workshops for artists and to cultural visits around Lisbon.

Links with European artistic organisations will allow, for five days, at Teatro do Bairro, from April 10 to 15, an event with “7 shows spanning a diverse array of performative genres”, with demonstrations of theatre, dance countries such as Ukraine, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Filmmakers will be able to compete for the Poetry film competition, in a competition that “filmmakers to submit entries in two separate sections with distinct themes, one titled ‘Separation and Belonging’; the other, ‘Disquiet! Said Pessoa’”.

The full festival programme, as well as the online ticket office, can be found at