28 March 2023, Lisbon -- The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is premiering the first documentary in a series highlighting the inspiring stories from KAICIID’s Fellows Programme this evening at the Inspira Liberdade Hotel. The documentary seeks to shed light on the vital role that interreligious and intercultural dialogue plays in fostering peace and understanding through the experience of one fellow: Justine Auma.

The film was recorded in three countries throughout 2022: Nepal, Portugal, and Uganda, documenting Justine's participation in the trainings, site visits, dialogue sessions as well as organizing and implementing her own Fellow’s initiative in her hometown of Mbele, Uganda.

“KAICIID’s Fellows Programme is a transformative experience not only for those who attend the trainings and graduate – but also for their communities, as exemplified in this film. By creating this film, we hope to share the story – and power of – dialogue in action through one women’s interfaith journey,” said Secretary General, Dr. Zuhair Alharthi.

KAICIID’s Fellows Programme is an ongoing capacity development and networking programme that starts with one year of hybrid training. The Programme is designed to connect and cultivate a network of leaders committed to fostering peace in their communities through interreligious and intercultural dialogue. Since its launch in 2015, the Programme has equipped hundreds of Fellows from 86 countries with the dialogue skills needed to tackle real-world challenges. Fellows can be part of the international or regional cohorts including the Arab Region, Africa, Europe, South and South-east Asia and Latin America.

Two other fellows – one graduate and one beginning the programme – were in attendance and media available. The event was carried via livestream on YouTube.

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The International Dialogue Centre - KAICIID is an intergovernmental organization that promotes peace and understanding through interreligious and intercultural dialogue by strengthening capacity at the local, national, and regional level through education on dialogue practices; increasing understanding of religious and cultural diversity through leadership for dialogue training, and promoting dialogue and social cohesion through conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and development policies.

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