Ground handling workers at airports of Portway, which has easyJet as its main customer, carried out the first period of the strike on Sunday and Monday, with a participation of around 30%, according to the Union of Aviation and Airport Workers (Sitava).

Today, the workers begin the second period of the strike decreed by Sitava, Union of Merchant Marine Workers, Travel Agencies, Forwarding and Fishing Agencies (Simamevip), of Aviation and Airport Workers (Sitava), of Airport Handling Technicians (STHA ) and the Democratic Union of Airport and Aviation Workers (Sindav).

The workers' representative structures also called for an indefinite strike on public holidays, for which the unions expect greater adherence, as it is a “central point” of the conflict between workers and the company.

The unions argue that, after eight months of application of the Company Agreement of (AE2020), which provides that “work performed on a public holiday, which is a normal working day, will entitle to an increase of 50% of the corresponding remuneration”, the company decided, “unilaterally, to change the method of calculating the payment of holidays in scale, contrary to the spirit that had been agreed,

Portway said it does not recognise grounds for the strike, ensuring "strict" compliance with the Company Agreement (AE) with regard to working on public holidays, according to a statement.