In the Alentejo municipality of Odemira, there is a record of a tourist unit that burned almost entirely and of a first home that was also destroyed, both located in Vale Juncal, in São Teotónio, said the mayor of Odemira (Alentejan district of Beja ), Hélder Guerreiro.

Classifying the fire as a "tragedy", the mayor said that these are two "unequivocal cases" of destruction of buildings, but mentioned that there were other losses that needed to be identified, namely in Vale de Água, where there were no houses burned, but where the fire destroyed some outbuildings.

“Even if they did not lose their homes, they ended up losing property and the possibility of having food and clothing”, he pointed out, adding that there is a “significant group” of animals that were left without food and that the burnt outbuildings “also represent losses” for people.

Hélder Guerreiro stressed that the municipality has already started to carry out the “largest possible surveys” from the point of view of losses and infrastructure and “of people's lives and projects”, from an economic point of view.

“We are talking about many losses on the side of agriculture, but also many losses on the side of tourism”, he lamented, stressing that the main concern now is to respond to emergency situations in houses, even in cases where the house has not been lost.

The mayor of Odemira also guaranteed that social situations are already being monitored and identified "one by one" and that the executive is working to be able to respond to affected citizens.

In Aljezur, in the district of Faro, the mayor of the municipality, José Gonçalves, indicated that he was aware of a burned house, which was a holiday home, in the Boavista area, in Odeceixe, a village that on Monday was surrounded by flames.

Underlining that he does not yet have concrete data, the Algarve mayor said that now is the time to put the teams on the ground and survey the damage, showing concern about possible reactivations of the fire.

In the Algarve municipality of Monchique, where the fire entered at the end of the day on Monday, an area of 426 hectares burned, mainly bush and eucalyptus, but also some cork oaks, said the mayor.

"There was no major damage to record, apart from biodiversity", underlined Paulo Alves, recalling that during the fire it was necessary to remove 20 people from their homes, in the areas of Passil, Selão and Foz do Besteiro.

The fire that had been burning since Saturday in Odemira was brought under control today at 10:15 am, but there are still points that deserve attention, especially on the southern front, at the intersection of the two regions, according to Civil Protection.