This year, 1,229 complaints against the two entities have already been registered on the platform, an increase of around 150%, compared to the same period last year, when 492 complaints were registered.

The sum gives a total of 2,183 occurrences, with Carris Metropolitana - which only started its activity in June 2022 - responsible for 80% of this volume.

Between January and August, Carris was the target of 382 complaints (in 2022) and, this year, there were 1,009, an increase of 164%.

Carris Metropolitana, on the other hand, doubled the number of complaints: there were 110 registered in 2022, compared to the 220 received this year.

With regard to the main reasons given by passengers against the two urban public transport companies are: delays and variations in bus schedules, generating 53.8% of complaints, motivating 19% of complaints were changes to routes, with consumers complaining about “changes in routes and the removal of routes without adequate replacement”.

The behaviour of drivers is another reason for dissatisfaction, with 12.2% of passengers denouncing cases of drivers who “do not respect stops, commit traffic violations and drive vehicles dangerously”.

The fourth reason most mentioned by users is the lack of buses, which represents 11.3% of complaints.

According to the data, the performance indicators of Carris and Carris Metropolitana on the Portal da Queixa reveal that the first entity has a Satisfaction Index (SI) evaluated by consumers as “Reasonable”, with 58.7 points (out of 100).

For its part, Carris Metropolitana has an “Unsatisfactory” score of 8.3 (out of 100).